May 2, 2017: Exploring the Nano-Advantage

An industry-academic networking event

Industry and academics got together to highlight their R&D opportunities and challenges, exchange ideas, and to learn about industry-academic collaborative funding programs available through Queen’s Industry Partnerships and the NSERC Connect program. They also toured the NanoFabrication Kingston lab. Thanks to NSERC for sponsoring this event.

Links to presentations

Yahia Antar, Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering, RMC – Electromagnetic engineering research at RMC

Dan Gale, VP&CTO, CMC Microsystems – Canada’s National Design Network

James Fraser, Dept. of Physics, Engineering Physics, & Astronomy, Queen’s University – Laser applications

David Hyndman, Industry Partnerships, Queen’s University – NSERC partnership grants and Mitacs Accelerate grants

Rob Knobel, Dept. of Physics, Engineering Physics, & Astronomy, Queen’s University – Research overview – Nanofabrication, nanomechanics, and materials

Yong Jun Lai, Dept. of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, Queen’s University – Research overview – Micro Biosensors and MEMS

Cecile Malardier-Jugroot and Manish Jugroot, Depts. of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, RMC – Nano- and Micro- Fabrication-based research at RMC

Doug Malcolm, Sr VP, Sumida Corp. – Overview

Dzmitry Malevich, Research Manager, Advonex International – Overview

Brian Mariampillai, Director of Business Development, GreenCentre Canada – Overview

Carlos Saavedra, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Queen’s University – Research overview – Gigahertz integrated circuits

James Stotz, Dept. of Physics, Engineering Physics, & Astronomy, Queen’s University – Research overview – Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices

Richard Timmons, President, Guildline Instruments – Company overview

Nuala Trainor, Director, Biological Programs, Octane Biotech – Automated production of cell therapy

Florina Truica, Alcereco/Grafoid – Graphene coatings

Roel Vertegaal, School of Computing and Human Media Lab, Queen’s University – Holographic flexible displays



January 31, 2017: NFK Research Workshop and Webinar

This event highlighted the expanding capability of the NFK lab, particularly its new CFI-funded equipment for patterning, depositing, and etching materials at an extremely small scale, and highlighted work planned or being done in the lab.

Links to Presentations

Rob Knobel, Dept. Physics, Queen’s University – Introduction/About NFK

Dan Gale, VP and CTO, CMC Microsystems – CMC Microsystems and NFK

James Stotz, Dept. Physics, Queen’s University – Quantum control in Semiconductor Structures using Surface Acoustic Waves (SAWs)

Jean-Michel Nunzi, Depts. Chemistry/Physics, Queen’s University – Nano-bio Organic Devices at NFK

Cecile Malardier-Jugroot, Depts. Chemistry&Chemical Engineering, Royal Military College – Nano- and Micro-Fabrication-based Research at RMC

Matthew Sedore, NFK user, Dept. of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Queen’s University – Investigation of Plastic Yielding in Sub-micron Diameter Nickel Pillars (to come) 

Video demonstration of new equipment

Mask Aligner

Sputter Deposition System

Reactive Ion Etching System