Lab User Fees

Access Fees and Equipment Rates (Effective January 5, 2017)

Access fee to cleanroom and equipment includes:

  • basic lab training (cleanroom training (gowning, safety protocol))
  • introductory equipment training
  • basic consumables (gloves, bouffants, paper, wipes)
  • other stocked consumables (photoresists, solvents, common acids, developers)

Some surcharges apply, e.g., precious metals used in deposition.

NFK Academic Rate NFK Industrial Rate
Access Fee: $35/hr $90/hr
Rates per Equipment (in addition to Access Fee):                                                                                  
Reactive Ion Etcher $30/hr $90/hr
Electron Beam Lithography $25/hr $90/hr
Scanning Electron Microscope $25/hr $90/hr
Maskless Lithographic System $20/hr $45/hr
Mask Aligner $10/hr $15/hr
Sputter Deposition System $0.05 per Angström $0.10 per Angström
Evaporator (Electron Beam) – Other material $0.05 per Angström $0.10 per Angström
Evaporator (Electron Beam) – Gold $0.10 per Angström $0.20 per Angström
Ink-jet Microplotter System* $20/hr $45/hr
Picosecond Laser Micromachining System $25/hr $45/hr
Spin Coater No additional fees.
These tools are included
in the access fee.
Wet chemical fume hood (wet etching, cleaning)
Laminar Flow Fume Hood for Lithographic Processing
Hot Plate
Plasma Cleaner
Optical Microscope

*Pricing not yet in effect. Includes 10 pipettes to start. Additional pipettes can be purchased at $100 per box of 10.

CMC Subscribers are eligible to apply for MNT Financial Assistance and Travel Awards.

Process Engineer Support Rates

  • Academic: $60/hr, Industrial: $100/hr

Training Rates (advanced equipment training beyond introductory training)

  • Academic: $25/hr, Industrial: $100/hr

Prices are subject to change at any time and without prior notice.