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Safety Manual

Detailed information about health and safety in the NFK lab can be found in the NFK Lab Safety Manual. This manual is available on request.


The emergency response plan for our lab is described in detail in the NFK Lab Safety Manual and is posted in the lab. Emergencies are handled by Security and Emergency Response personnel at Innovation Park, where our lab is located. To reach them in the case of an emergency, call (613) 876-2148.

Health and Safety is the highest priority at NFK. We encourage a safety culture in every aspect of the lab. For questions regarding safety at NFK, please contact any member of NFK Lab Safety Committee.

NFK Lab Safety Committee

The NFK Lab Safety Committee reports to NFK management and is responsible for regular inspections of the workplace, investigating incidents, making recommendations to management on safety matters, and implementing safety direction from management. Current members are:

Graham Gibson NFK Lab Operations Manager, CMC Microsystems sendEmail
Rick Boswell Innovation Park, Queen’s University sendEmail
Rob Dumont NFK Lab Technician, CMC Microsystems sendEmail
Christian Baldwin user representative, Spectra Plasmonics sendEmail