A new name, a new look and new equipment for Kingston nano-fabrication lab

Jan. 17, 2017

The Kingston Nano-Fabrication Laboratory has a new name and a new look. Now known as NanoFabrication Kingston (www.nanofabkingston.ca), the name highlights the facility’s prototyping capabilities and its potential for fostering regional innovation, says Dan Gale, Vice-President and CTO of CMC Microsystems, which manages the operation of the facility.

“Prototyping is a critical step in the innovation process, and NanoFabrication Kingston provides academics and industry across Southeastern Ontario with the capabilities to explore, and make, affordable prototypes to demonstrate that their ideas work,” says Mr. Gale. “A company can investigate technology choices or performance enhancements, or have us do that for them. There’s even the possibility of doing early stage production runs for small numbers of devices or material volumes.”

Complementing these capabilities, the lab has just completed installation of three pieces of new equipment for deposition, patterning and etching of materials with greater ease, speed and precision.

“The lab offers new opportunities for industry-academic partners to take their ideas from exploration through to market-readiness development,” Mr. Gale says. “It also connects them to the opportunities and expertise to be found in counterpart labs across Canada.”

Users are being offered the opportunity to try out the new equipment at no additional charge until March 31, says lab manager Graham Gibson, and a webinar and lab tour for interested users is planned for the near future.

“As a collaboration of Queen’s and CMC Microsystems, NanoFabrication Kingston highlights the benefits of convergence,” says Dr. Steven Liss, Vice-Principal (Research) at Queen’s University. “The new enhancements to the lab, including the exciting new infrastructure, will provide even more opportunity for collaboration and partnership, and further develop Kingston’s innovation ecosystem.”

The facility’s new branding includes a distinctive logo and a descriptive tagline: People. Ideas. Technologies. “Our tagline reflects the importance of the researchers who are developing the materials and devices that form the basis of future technologies, and their students, whose training in this facility makes them industry-ready and immediately productive,” says Mr. Gale.

The logo, a bold black and gold geometric shape, suggestive of origami, was chosen for its strong, clean lines and its three-dimensional look, says Richard Oleschuk, Professor of Chemistry at Queen’s University and Chair of the NFK Science and Management Committee. “It suggests the idea of transformation, and about thinking big on a small scale. That’s what this lab is going to help us do.”

The logo’s gold colour reflects its relationship with Queen’s University, which established the lab at Innovation Park in partnership with CMC Microsystems.  The branding was a collaborative effort by representatives from the three groups. NanoFabrication Kingston is funded through the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.



Dan Gale
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CMC Microsystems
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Graham Gibson
Lab Manager
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Queen’s Industry Partnerships
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